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    Maldives Tour Package From Delhi

    Duration: 4 Nights, 5 Days

    Looking for the best Maldives Tour Package From Delhi or Maldives Honeymoon Package? Well, with its small attractions and limited geographical areas, Delhi is not a great place to explore for wanderlust travellers. Young professionals looking for a break from their corporate lives want to visit exotic locations that offer a breathtaking backdrop. We understand the desire to travel in Delhi and have created exclusive Maldives packages that can be booked from Delhi.

    With its idyllic beaches and stunning views, the Maldives is a beautiful island nation. Stay at one of the most beautiful resorts anywhere in the world to enjoy the stunning views from your balcony, or rent a villa on the beach shore to soak up the beauty of these breathtaking settings. You can take part in a variety of water sports, including snorkeling, windsurfing and scuba diving with Maldives tours departing from Delhi. You can speed up the pace by getting up close to the marine life.

    Best Place to Visit In Maldives | Maldives Tour Package From Delhi

    Maldives is the child of pure white beaches and lavish hospitality. One of the main reasons this island nation is thought to be the ideal location for couples on their honeymoon is the romantic atmosphere emanates from it. With its luxurious resorts with stunning water villas, vibrant reefs and bluer water than the bluest, Maldives certainly makes for one of the most romantic destinations to visit.

    The abundance of exotic islands also creates a postcard-worthy travel journal. The sheer number of tourist spots in Maldives can be a challenge since picking the best one to suit your tastes is a challenge. So, here’s a list of the top places to explore in the Maldives which will satisfy your desire for luxury and provide you with the best experience.

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    Male Atoll

    Male Atoll is the largest city in the entire Maldives and has an amount of significance. It’s one of the most enjoyable destinations to visit since it has a lot of enjoyable things to do. It is interesting to note that the weather is the one thing that you will not be complaining about when you come to the tropical island.

    Things to do: Male Atoll has some impeccable things to do since it is among the most popular destinations. The activities you can enjoy include Scuba diving as well as snorkeling, diving, and more. There are tourist spots that you can discover like the Male’s National Museum, Tsunami monument as well as others.


    The most renowned place to go to in the Maldives is Maafushi island! It is not just beautiful beaches and numerous water sports, but it is also a great restaurant which you’ll be able to enjoy.

    Things to do: Enjoy meeting sharks and manta rays when you go for a shark dive Wear your best bikini and swim on the beach for bikinis, go on an island hop from Maafushi and take advantage of every moment in the tropical paradise.

    Biyadhoo Island

    Because of the complete accessibility to this island Biyadhoo has been regarded as being the island of scuba divers! Another interesting aspect about the island is that it’s operated and controlled through the Taj group of Hospitality. Taj organization of Hospitality.

    Things to do – You could take part in different water activities like paddling with surf skis, windsurfing sailing, canoeing, canoeing and more. With the abundance of tropical vegetation, you’ll always be hydrated and hydrated with delicious coconut water and banana shakes!

    Sun Island

    It is the South Ari Atoll is the breathtaking Nalaguraidhoo Island, also known as Sun Island. Beautifully decorated with a tropical backdrop and clear turquoise waters. The island is simply stunning which is beyond the scope of words. It will be awe-inspiring to visitors with its stunning elegance and luxurious resorts. It’s an excellent option to stay at if travelling with a loved one.

    Things to do There are numerous things to see and do. Much like the majority of destinations, you can go to within the Maldives and even on sun island, visitors can enjoy diving, snorkeling or surfing. When you’re bored and are ready to head back home, you can conclude your evening with a relaxing soak in the sauna and afterwards, having a massage in the spa.

    Banana Reef

    As the name implies the reef is designed like a banana. It is brimming with stunning marine life is on display because it offers the most thrilling diving experiences in the Maldives. You’ll be amazed at the vibrant colours and colours of the island as well as the marine life that it sustains.

    Things to do – The best part of Maldives are that you are able to enjoy water sports that are fun anywhere. The reef is a fabulous marine ecosystem to discover while you dive into the water. It is possible to further travel to areas like Maldive Victory, Hulhumal-, Alimatha Island, Biyadhoo Island, Manta Point to take delight in the wonder of the ocean.

    Maldives Honeymoon Package from Delhi

    Plan an unforgettable vacation in the Maldives by booking the Maldives honeymoon packages that depart from Delhi. Maldives is blessed with gorgeous beaches, coral reefs that live in Sand bars, luxury hotels, and rich marine life. Each year, this beautiful place draws thousands of visitors from all over the globe. This little gem is the best in showing off its vibrant culture of the sea, and also offers the perfect romantic getaway for couples.

    Maldives provides amazing diving opportunities. You can dive in its lagoons, enjoy surfing, diving underwater, or windsurfing treatments at the spa with your beloved. Epic Trips will make your trip memorable in this paradise of the pure coral island in a charming and charming way.


    Is Maldives Ideal for Honeymoons?

    With beautiful beaches, a tranquil atmosphere, and sparkling water, Maldives is a special location to go on your Honeymoon. If your ideal romantic experience is to lounge on the beautiful beachfront and be in awe of all things gorgeous, Maldives is the place for you.

    How Much Will Maldives Honeymoon Packages Cost?

    Explore the beautiful Maldives with prices starting at just Rs. XXXXXX /-. Contact us today for more information concerning the Maldives Honeymoon package.

    Which Is The Most Suitable Maldives Island to Honeymoon On?

    The Maldives is an archipelago that includes over a hundred thousand coral-covered islands. Some of the most beautiful islands to go to for a honeymoon is Male Atoll and Hulhumale Island. They are rich in coral reefs and can be enjoyed with the water with activities such as divers and snorkeling.

    Is the Maldives Secure For Couple?

    The Maldives isn’t just an ideal place to spend time with your partner and families, but it’s also among the romantic places around the globe and is popular with newlyweds looking for peace and tranquility during their vacation.