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    Duration: 6 Nights, 7 Days

    Looking for the Kerala Tour Packages From Delhi in 2022 to 2023?  Kerala is the ideal destination for you to start the next chapter of your life together with your beloved and experience the sensation of complete happiness as peace and tranquility are a perfect match for Kerala Honeymoon packages. Kerala is the home of the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda invites you to take a break in the midst of its idyllic ambiance. Kerala has evolved into a combination of beautiful landscapes due to the sway of the sparkling Arabian Sea and the verdant Western Ghats.

    Kerala is home to a variety of places that are ideal to spend time with your loved ones with loved ones, from the stunning landscapes that surround Munnar and the serene backwaters of Alleppey as well as the picturesque hill station located in Wayanad as well as the stunning surrounding that surround Kumarakom. The Kerala Tour Packages From Delhi are sure to let you experience all the beauty of this beautiful state and make lasting memories of your beloved ones. begin your life together.

    Best Places To Visit | Kerala Honeymoon Packages From Delhi

    Kerala is home to an abundance of locations that couples can visit for their honeymoon. However, there are some great places to visit.

    Munnar for Honeymoon

    The gorgeous and luxurious mountains of Munnar are among the most sought-after honeymoon spots in all of South India. With its seemingly endless expanses in tea gardens, beautiful valleys, stunning mountains, stunning wildlife and plants in its wild sanctuaries as well as forests, the scents of spices, and cool breezes that smell of spice, Munnar is the enthralling landscape that entices couples to spend quality time with each other in the stunning nature that will enhance your honeymoon to be memorable. You’ll have plenty of chances to take part in a variety of activities to uncover the secrets of strengths, flaws, interests, and dislikes. Munnar allows you to be close to nature while exploring the exotic varieties of flora and fauna and experiencing stunning waterfalls.

    Alleppey For Honeymoon

    The golden beaches, the sun-kissed backwaters, and breathtaking landscapes, set amid the sparkling backwaters of Kerala lies the picturesque town of Alleppey. Alleppey is the preferred destination of many newlyweds and couples because it’s the ideal spot for couples to revel at their wedding and begin an exciting new life together. Couples can enjoy many activities during their honeymoon, which are provided by the area including canoeing, boating, bicycles, speed boats, and river rafting to be several. Couples will surely have the most romantic trip when they are able to enjoy beautiful greenery isolated paddy fields, islands, and tranquil backwaters on the most beautiful houseboat.

    Cochin For Honeymoon

    Cochin is a great location for couples looking to organize their honeymoon and spend an evening together at the harbor city in Kerala. This region’s coastline offers plenty of opportunities for couples to wander and experience this beautiful landscape to the max. The stunning beach resort draws big couples looking for a honeymoon from all over the country and all over the world. The charming town is home to stunning sites including The St. Francis Church, the oldest church in India and the local fishermen and their Chinese fishing nets as well as an ancient Jewish Chapel that dates to the sixteenth century the old Portuguese homes, and the Mattancherry palace that was built by Portuguese featuring beautiful murals.

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    Thekkady for Honeymoon

    Thekkady is a serene region located in the state of Kerala that is considered to be the ideal location for your first date of a lifetime. The sparkling waterfall, the picturesque stunning hilltops, and breathtaking landscapes attract draw couples who are newlyweds and honeymooners from across the globe. Thekkady lets newlyweds and honeymooners enjoy an unforgettable experience in this stunning and beautiful area, whether it’s sightseeing or enjoying numerous activities. With the lush vegetation and beautiful hills everywhere, every wedding in Thekkady will ensure you’re having an unforgettable experience that is captivating enough to stay on your heart for too long.

    Kovalam for Honeymoon

    The first look at Kovalam’s Lighthouse Beach in Kovalam is guaranteed to enthrall you to the center. The beach is an escape in God’s very own home, Kerala, and is the perfect place to begin your new and romantic life with your partner. Kovalam has everything you need to make a perfect honeymoon, with its serene backwaters, serene beaches, luxurious hotels as well as beach cafés. Kovalam is often referred to as the town with many hues. There are a variety of tourist spots within this town Kovalam that keep attracting visitors, particularly newlyweds and couples who want to visit this beautiful and stunning area.

    Things to Do in Kerala | Kerala Tour Packages From Delhi

    Fishing using the Chinese Nets:

    The beautiful city on the coast located in Kochi has been a popular destination by its breathtaking beauty and the quality of its fish. Yes, that’s right! With the ever-changing patterns, fishing methods are also evolving, the most recent one being Chinese fishnets.

    Gets ready to test your luck fishing with the massive nets. The method is essentially easy as fishermen throw the huge nets in the water, and pull for their fish. Put on your apron and start fishing by lending an assist to local fishermen, who will guide you on the tips and tricks that they employ to catch fish.

    Enjoy the Craftsmanship of Beypore:

    The tucked-away town of Beypore has survived for many years in its shipyard business. Although it may seem like a complete technological process, however, the craftsmen make use of their expertise to create the ‘Arabian Dhows’ which are popularly referred to as “Uru’.

    Prepare yourself for some of the most activities that aren’t mainstream in Kerala with this excursion to Beypore to watch the work of these craftsmen who build an ocean-worthy vessel with materials as basic as wood and rope!

    Athirapally Waterfalls:

    Kerala hosts many of the most stunning waterfalls in the country including Athirapally Waterfall definitely tops the pack! The waterfall is situated near Kochi the breathtaking waterfall is famous for its ability to captivate visitors with its stunning beauty!

    Be prepared for some memorable activities that aren’t commonplace in Kerala by trekking through the rushing waters of Athirapally. Take in the cool breeze and expansive landscapes and sweeping views on your journey to the top of the mountain.

    The Beauty of Thenmala Dam:

    Within the Kollam district of Kerala, Thenmala is among the more beautiful dams that run across the Kallada River. With the stunning beauty of the place the entire area surrounding it is now an eco-tourism destination.

    Enjoy some unconventional Kerala activities to enjoy by taking on a variety of thrilling activities in this beautiful abode. Take a relaxing boat trip or bike across rugged terrains and hike in the nearby hills to enjoy a memorable adventure!

    Peace in The Silence Valley National Park:

    Get away from the hordes of tourist crowds traveling towards Periyar and Periyar, get away from the usual tourist traps and enjoy some unforgettable unusual activities to enjoy in Kerala! Take a trip to the Palakkad district, which is surrounded by the famous Nilgiri Hills, and curate some unforgettable moments on the course of your Kerala excursion!

    Forget Normal Beer & Try Toddy:

    A traditional drink made from coconut the Toddy is among the most delicious drinks that you can only enjoy in Kerala! It is more than just a drink it is consumed as a typical condiment along with Malabar’s delicious dishes. It is always best to drink a fresh Toddy, which can only be found early in the morning.

    Paragliding in Munnar:

    Paragliding at Munnar is definitely a thrilling and unique activity to experience in Kerala! We suggest that you stop visiting tea estates in the area and concentrate on sating your thirst for adrenaline and excitement!

    Enjoy A Countryside Life at Thekkekadu:

    In the northernmost region of Kerala, there is a small village known as Thekkekadu. The island is officially a private one and lies within the famous Backwaters in Kerala The village retains the traditional rural lifestyle.

    A Cool Breeze in Kalamachal:

    A hidden hill station located in God’s own Country, Kalamachal has some of the most unique activities to enjoy in Kerala! Let go of all the stresses of city life and go deep into the hills of this retreat and we promise you won’t be bored!